woensdag 27 mei 2009

PURE. the book

Great news this week about my photobook PUUR. Trotse tienermoeders (PURE. Proud young mothers) It's in 3rd position on the bestsellers list @ Bol.com, a Dutch online big bookstore :)))

Also the book has reached the attention of America, as I got a lovely e-mail of Jonny & his wife, who saw my book in the window of Selexyz Scheltema (a big bookstore in Amsterdam). They took photos to remember the book and author, so they could e-mail me, how very sweet!

Am working on a translation of the book, it's a photobook, so lucky for me there aren't too much texts, only 9 interviews with some of my models and a foreword and lil bit of facts & figures at the end of the book. I can easily translate the most important texts and send it with the book. So...if you are interested in your own copy of this artbook: only 19,95 EURO (+ 10,00 shipping & handling)
The books contains 79 nude portraits of proud young mothers, age 16-22, pregnant or with their babies. Mothers who chose LIFE and didn't want an abortion, which in the Netherlands isn't a fuzz at all.

Those women are brave, strong but also prejudiced and looked down on. My goal was to show their pride, that they chose with their hearts and wanted their child just as much as the (older) mothers in our country. There's more English text in www.MeRy.nl/puur to explain my project.

But now am on my way to the UK again, another wedding, in London this time. Talk to you later, enjoy the weekend, am off! :) xMx

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

UK wedding: Kay & Mike May 1 2009

artstudio23.com/album5 this is a selection of the wonderfull wedding of Kay & Mike in Leigh-On-Sea in UK, 1 May 2009.

I was there for a long weekend, and luckily the weather was superb :)) Only rain on the Monday, but then I was heading for the airport again so the job was a fab one. Enjoy the photos, and if you want to book me, coming over to UK is just as expensive as travelling to Amsterdam (as I live in Breda) so no big bill in these times of crisis but great wedding photos still!!