maandag 28 juni 2010

infreRED new photobook with beautiful portaits of 'gingers'

infraRED. Beautiful natural redheads posed for my 3rd photobook.

Natural redheads always fascinate me. They are about to be extinct some day in the future. I want to capture their beauty before they are.
Experiment: I used the infrared technique and eliminated all colour. Asking myself: will wreckles vanish? How pale will their skin get? What happens to 'red' in infra-red?

The first part of the book are the portraits in infraRED, turn the book upside down and compare the colour photos, same sequence.

More about my redhead art.

woensdag 16 juni 2010

FIFA & the Dutch Dress of Bavaria beer

Photo of Dutch babes in forbidden orange dresses is still showing on official FIFA website

More news @ Omroep Brabant (Dutch) about the arrests & forbidden dresses (design by Bavaria beer) worn by Dutch, beautiful blond women @ the first match of the Netherlands @ the Worldcup 2010.

It started with a ban of the Dutch babes wearing the short, orange dresses to the stadium, as Budweiser is one of the official sponsors and Bavaria beer isn't. RESPECT to the advertising agency: it worked!!! Now everybody knows about the small Dutch beer brand LOL. (well, small, Bavaria isn't anymore but compared to Heineken it is) Heineken: eat your heart out! ;)

dressed as Danish supporters they entered the stadium...

donderdag 3 juni 2010

Trash The Dress 10-10-'10

Mass Trash The Dress.

This year photographer Hans van Nunen and I will organise another mass Trash The Dress in the Netherlands. Last year, 09-09-'09 was a huge success, with our brides trashing their dresses in the Northsea, they were news worldwide :)

The Arjan van Dijkgroep will host this event on their beautiful location Fort St. Gertrudis in Geertruidenberg, NL. Party time 1-6 pm, there will be several shoots, including a high-tea-buffet and... champagne!

More information in this (Dutch) pressrelease. Fellow-photographers welcome, as are partners, friends and non-dressed-up people.

If you want to go to a PHOTO PARTY, this is it!