maandag 28 februari 2011

Australia 2011

Just back from an amazing trip to Oz. I was invited to witness a Giant Trash The Dress event in Adelaide, SA. I just couldn't refuse, being the one who started the mass Trash The Dress photoshoots in 08.08.08 :)))
This time it wasn't such a big crowd as on September 9, 2009 (we had 99+ brides! :) but Kelly from SaySo Weddings did a great job. Hairdressers, mua's, the whole lot was there @ the Stramford Hotel. To me a good example of how to organise an event, though I am more into the photography of it than being the host. The Trash The Dress photos will be uploaded in a later stage, but part 1 of my travels down under is already online! Enjoy my trip to Kangaroo Island and the Great Ocean Road.
I travelled with Adventure Tours Australia and I highly recommend them. Already in 1998 me and my husband did a great tour to Kakadu National park with them. I just love the Australian bush, coastline and animal life. All so very special, I could easily go there and stay! Unfortunately Australia is pretty unafordable now, with the AUD. being up to 200% of what it was worth in '98 AND prices of e.g. a bed in a hostel (dorm) now is 30 instead of the 12-15 Australian dollar in 1998. Also food, even in supermarkets, is very expensive, 'Australian made' or not, it's also 4x our Dutch prices. E.g. a bottle of 600 ml coke, supermarketprice: 4,50 AUD = 3,50 EUR = 0,79/1 EUR in Holland. (!!!)
Still I loved being there, and I had such fun seeing my family again. John, my cousin-twice-removed, still lives in Melbourne and they were happy to have me, so I had a great time seeing them all and meeting the new extras (boyfriends) of the girls. I remember Willem as a little baby, born in 1993, (just when I was there!) and the girls 3 and 5/6 years, time flies..!

woensdag 16 februari 2011

Vote for me plz!

Vote for me as I'd like to be the ambassador for United Nations/Simavi's 5th Millenium Goal. If I win Nationale Postcode Loterij will help me go to women's clinics to do a documentary about maternal mortality.