dinsdag 15 januari 2013

9th Day of Transformation

Global Women's Gathering @ Bali 
Back from my superb trip to the beautiful island of Bali...where I met these gorgeous women! Thanx Gina & Mynoo, for organising this gathering in Ubud and Tejakula. Will tell you more soon!

Stolen photo printed on T-shirt

"Complete and utter disbelief" ... photographer Naomi Frost. Photo: Dean Osland
You could call it the quintessential Newcastle summer snapshot: a lone surfer walking across the rocks near Merewether beach in search of a wave. In fact, it was such a good shot that the photographer, Gateshead's Naomi Frost, believes someone stole the image, printed it on thousands of T-shirts and sold them through menswear giant Lowes.

'Everybody knows that you need permission - you can't just take something off the internet and use it as your own.'

Naomi Frost was surprised when a friend sent her a message late last year saying they had seen the T-shirt in a Lowes TV commercial. She was staggered when she saw the T-shirt for herself at the chain's Charlestown Square store. Read more in The Age.

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