woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Jane's Carousel

Jane's Carousel NYC - photo: a_popular_user
>>Few pictures of Hurricane Sandy captured both the enormity of the disaster and the unquenchable spirit buried deep in the city’s core better than the image of Jane’s Carousel, the glass-enclosed merry-go-round on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge, taken at the height of the storm. The photo shows the dark water lapping at the horses’ hooves, with the eerie blacked-out lower-Manhattan skyline in the background, and the festive riderless ponies twinkling merrily in the bright yellow light. Originally posted on Instagram and picked up by CNN, the picture was seen all around the world; at one point that night it was at the top of Twitter’s trends.<<  (Read more: The New Yorker)

...wow...the power of Instagram...
but also: annoyed!  - I tried to search for the original via Instagram, but look, all of a sudden numerous people 'made' this image too...long live digital photograhy?!

Screenshot Instagram foto's met  'Jane's Carousel'
#Janescarousel made it through #sandy
with just a little water damage, looks like. Photo: ldugdale
Original source: Dutch photographer ‏@HeleenMees
'During the storm I could see both Jane and her carousel from my window'

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Sandy - journalism 2.0

Benjamin Lowy for TIME - Sandy in New York
Wow...I must admit...I am impressed. At first I was rather annoyed by all fake photos, which went viral via social media like Twitter and Facebook, but now...now the storm is near..

TIME asked 5 photographers to report from New York City. It looks like most photos are taken with a smartphone.

Also Instagram is flooded (what's in a name) with Sandy pics, and I must say: impressive. This is what we should call 'photography 2.0' or better said: 'news 2.0'!
A car is submerged in floodwater on Avenue C,  Michael C. Brown
The area under the Brooklyn Bridge during high tide -
Benjamin Lowy
If this is what the new, digital photography means...see what it does for the news and photo journalism...I want it! Gentlemen, CEO's of magazines and newspapers...yes, plz do book me :)

Global thinking? Global working!

maandag 29 oktober 2012

LA Paris Photo

This is so cool! Paris Photo goes USA! Los Angeles 25-28 April 2013 is da place to be. Wouldn't you like to be present there as well?!

We're going to Paris, France 16-18 November, as we've organised a street photography workshop during Paris Photo 2012. Why not do the same in LA?!? Or can I work for one of the galleries/exhibitors?? info@Artstudio23.com if you can tell me more or want to hire me.

Street photography in Hollywood

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

"Now that we all have cameras it's what we *do* with them that counts. 
Ideas, and intent, are everything." Mark Power

dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

SF Music Tech

Attending this great summit, check out these photos so far!
Will post all of my pics at www.facebook.com/Artstudio23 feel free to share, like, tag!

Instagram photography of your business event - uploaded on the spot!

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012



Portraits of natural redheads - showing back and front in one photo. I just love the red hair!!! Ginger Power for sure!! Check out all portraits I took during the Redhead Days 2 September 2012 in Breda.
More of my work Facebook.com/Artstudio23


Westland, seen from train

Bike - Amsterdam Central Station

Tourist boat and van Gogh

Harbour, water 't Ij

'Het Ij'

Online Marketing, Mobile & Social Media Europe 2012 Event

SimplifFlying Winner's trofees

't Ij

Back to Breda, Amsterdam Central Station - signs

New Fyra train, interior

Rotterdam CS, end of the line...

Instagram (MeRy71) photography with iPhone 4GS - 'playing tourist' while on my way to Amsterdam and back ;) Feel free to connect!

New Fyra Train...

The new Fyra train.

Pity this train only runs between Amsterdam-Rotterdam. As I live in Breda (one stop further from Rotterdam) I can never take this new, wonderful train. When I travel to Schiphol airport (and I did that a lot the last two years) I like to take the Fyra train, as it reduces my time to the airport with alsmost an hour! Only 53 minutes Breda-Schiphol, what a bless. 
You can't compete by car, as the roads in the 'Randstad' (4 biggest citites of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, The Hague, Anmsterdanm and Utrecht) always are crowded and jammed. Too much cars in our small country :( the traffic is horrible on our narrow roads.

Anyway, the new Fyra train. Welcomed by almost everyone, especially as it was meant to go to Antwerp (Belgium) too. Well...it doesn't. Not this year.
So people living in the South (Noord-Brabant) will have to commute an hour longer as the regular intercity trains are also gone per 1 November. Why??? What's this nonsense!? The new train is a wonderful experience, it feels like flying, comfy chairs and fast, fast, fast. Well, if it would take you to Breda that is. 
Last night I had to transfer at Rotterdam station to the regular train...so it took me no 53 minutes, but 1,5 hours single way...

Online Marketing, Mobile & Social Media Europe 2012 Event

KLM won two prizes!

Social Media Award winners - SimpliFlying

Eye For Travel's Online Marketing, Mobile & Social Media Europe 2012 Event, M√∂venpick Hotel in Amsterdam 3 October 2012. All photos online HERE.