vrijdag 10 juli 2009

No more photos

No more photography on latest cd-covers

Last week it suddenly hit me when I was re-organising my mp3's: the albums I am listening to at the moment are without any photography on the cover. Placebo used to have weird body/people photography and ofcourse 'our' Anton (Corbijn) was the house photographer of Depeche Mode (and many more bands like e.g. U2) Corbijn always made arty pictures of what once was 'just a synthesizer popband' but nowadays is the best live "oldy" act ever ;)

(Seen them in Rotterdam a few years ago, pics HERE )
Also the Pet Shop Boys recently stated in a Dutch TV-guide "That they never are out of fashion". Conclusion: Album cover photography is?? (out of fashion) :S

donderdag 9 juli 2009


Door, Sommelsdijk, Zeeland, June 22, 2009

Two weeks ago I returned to the lovely village Sommelsdijk, to finish my series for the Woningbouw Vereniging's newest buildings. Social housing but with flair. They ordered a series on canvas, and want to add summer pics, to the winter ones I did half a year ago.

I like going back to places, see what's changed, or what's not. Like the demolition in Breda-Noord, I am definately gonna go back there in autumn, when the building starts. It's like the Peelland College in Deurne, my old secondary school. They moved from an old building after 40 years (!) to a brand new one, and I took photos of Traces Of Silence just before they started a new semester in December 2005. Now my old school is turned into the Alfrink College, also leaving an old, worn out building empty in Deurne, the Netherlands. (next book! :)

Order your copy here here (shipping worldwide!) or have a look at the first pages online here here

Now I only want the sun to come back, as it's summer here, but a rainy week s far. Last weeks were gordeous, and hopefully I can do some more 'bright blue sky' photos next week again :) Love, M

donderdag 2 juli 2009

Black Beauty

Black Beauty in the eveningsun @ the wedding of Landa & Colin :)

30 May was already a hot day (weekend) but now we really are getting temps above 30 degrees Celcius man! We in NL say: 'the mares fall of the roof' (coz of the heat) so tomorrow's wedding will eb a hot hot hot one. Lucky for me we start early, so I have good hope the reportage will be done by the time they all are sticky & sweaty ;)
Also due to the heat I can't work my 80 hours, it's just too hot. Am not killing myself in this heat, and try to work early mornings and late afternoons only. Tomorrow I can't avoid the heat of the middle of the day, but...on Saturday no jobs for me so I can finally relax.
As a photographer you hardly have a whole weekend off, as a lot of ppl want to come when they are free: weekends. Also my husband and I work a lot in the evening, at the moment he'd lecturing a photography course in our studio, so work work work. Yes, there is a crisis, and yes, ppl look for different ways to get (cheaper) photography, but we are busy as ever.
Digital photography also demands a lot of desktop time, retouching the files and convert them from RAW into Jpegs. Almost all our clients want photos on cd-rom, which we only deliver highest quality and retouched.
Empty houses - for Social housing company Singelveste/Alleewonen Breda (NL)