zaterdag 19 december 2009

More snow in NL :)

18 December, -6 degrees Celsius in the Netherlands. Cartracks near our studio.

View of my window on the morning of 17 December, I love waking up and the world is white :)

view from our studio to Westerparklaan both ways

Breda, "Teletubby Hill" = fun!

donderdag 17 december 2009

Let it snow!

After a very good, dry & warm summer, today, on my husband Hans' birthday, there's snow again in NL :) Last year we had a good period of cold weather as well, the kids could skate once ice etc. Never thought this year we would have a white period as well! :)

I just love the texture of snow, it covers the dark, ugly world and makes i a bright new, light one. Since ever I had my own camera, I've been doing winter landscapes, with a twist.
Like the auto tracks, seen from the appartmentbuilding where I lived when I was studying photography @ the St. Joost Art Academy. I lived in Breda-Noord, de Geeren, and the scenery just outside the block was: flat. Landscapes of farmers, grass meadows with cows (in summer) and narrow roads, real countryside, right there on my doorstep.
Now I live closer to the citycentre, and yeah, I do miss the views, the wide scapes and space, as the city is crowded and poluted.
Snow white landscape, Breda, the Netherlands. Photo taken with my old Pentax camera and Tri-X Kodak film. Those were the days!

dinsdag 1 december 2009

Crossing Geeren-Zuid

Urban Exploring us...

New photobook uploaded: Crossing Geeren-Zuid, stills in 'urban exploring' style which I call Traces Of Silence... have a peak here, preview available & worldwide shipping :)

It was such fun to do a shoot with my F100 Nikon again, I just love the old technique of crossing E6 film, what vivid colors and what nice structure!

World Aids Day

Dec. 1, World Aids 2005 my photo "River of Blood, River of Life" was auctioned for an orphanage in Suriname and today Twitter turns all #red tweets RED :) STOP AIDS NOW

@joinred It’s World AIDS Day. Turn Twitter RED -literally! Use #red or #laceupsavelives & turn tweets the color red. ONE COLOR UNITES US