dinsdag 24 november 2009

Eigenzinnige en creatieve trouwreportage - fotograaf Hans van Nunen

By Hans van Nunen/Art...

My husband and fellow photographer Hans van Nunen of Artstudio23 makes beautiful and obstinate wedding reportages, check out this new, most creative portfolio wedding album of his latest work.

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Looking for a nice present?

www.blurb.com/user/store/MeRy71 ...why not buy a reasonable priced photobook?? I've published a number of photobooks with Blurb.com, they're all printed on Premium Paper, online preview,
shipping worldwide

80 pages of fun, over 99 brides Trashed their weddingdresses on 09-09-09 @ the Scheveningen Beach in the Netherlands. Most recent publication about it: www.Boston.com/bigpicture :) we hit #8 in this line-up of "big pictures on the shoreline" November 2009.

Portfolio of my combined photos, old street card photos merge into one new image with close-ups of Dutch flowers.

Tantetje (Auntie) is a portrait of the Dutch house of a 100 year old lady of Breda, the Netherlands.

There's one book that's not available tru Blurb: PURE. Proud young mothers my photobook about young mothers age 16-22, posing nude, pregant or with their baby...they chose LIFE Preview HERE
If you wish I'll send the translation of the texts too -the stories of 9 of the women and facts & figures of teenage pregnancy in the Netherlans- without any extra charge, just leave me a message!

zondag 8 november 2009


Fall, Breda, the Netherlands

The last leafs fell down from the trees...now it's not so colorfull outside anymore, but kinda dark and grey...boring? I dunno. Maybe. I like the sun, but I also like the night. It's the cold I can't stand haha ;)
But so far so good, we haven't had any really bad bad days yet, and snow & ice aren't in NL untill Jan/Feb most likely. No white Xmas for us, that hasn't happen in years.

We do have some Christmas weddings this December, and at the moment I am very busy with the natural redhead shoots. I like portraits. I like people. I like photography. Tho abandoned places are cool too, I just love to explore an abandoned area for 'Traces Of Silence'. Often it's a portrait too, of the people who lived or worked in that area or building...without seeing them in the picture.

If you are looking for a photobook about urban exploring: have a look HERE at my Traces Of Silence book, available worldwide tru Blurb. Online preview available. Excellent Christmas gift. Cadeau tip!