woensdag 1 juni 2011

Trash The Dress down under

Trash The Dress down under!

To me Trash The Dress is the reprise of wedding photography. Why only wear that beautiful dress just once?

Being a fine art photographer I always want to do things different, and after stumbling upon the American Trash The Dress concept online, I asked 99 brides to pose for me in 2009. (09.09.09)

Together with my husband Hans I created the first mass Trash The Dress event ever, and made the news worldwide.

We first did a try out with 8 brides 08.08.08 using 'boring' dates differently. 10.10.10 we did another Dutch event in the old fort of Geertruidenberg. The 11.11.11 event will take place in Zeewolde: Centerparcs.nl/trashthedress

Receiving invitations from all over the world to do more Trash The Dress photography, I went Down Under February 2011. August 14 I will be one of the photographers of the first annual 'Running of the Brides' event at Niagara Falls, Canada, supporting breast cancer research.

12.12.12 is the last special date. Hopefully we can do a multiple Trash The Dress event on more than one continent. We are now looking for models, (you don't have to wear your own gown, you can also buy a secondhand weddingdress and participate) muas, hairdressers and wedding/event planners to co-ordinate this all.

A major sponsor for these events is very welcome too,

please send an e-mail to: info@mery.nl

TrashTheDress.nl MeRy/Melanie Rijkers & Hans van Nunen



Impossible Project, complete behind the scenes film by DFpro

made by Digifotopro, Impossible Project behind the scenes.

It's very cool to see how the lonely repair guy talks about the experience he has (36 years with Polaroid, 27 as a repair guy) and now does ALL repairs from around the world! It's also cool to see how the chemical paste is developed, the films are processed etc. What a job!

Wish we lived closer to Enschede, which is in the North-East of Holland. There's a shop now, so you can buy films @ the factory. But still for us Dutchies or European people it's far more expensive than when you live far away in US... the products are much cheaper in $$ than in euros...but I the website won't let me pay in $$...

Another fail: the new films can't be developed in open air. This feature is very important to me, I hope they'll create new films soon, as watching the image come up is pure magic to me and this process shouldn't be lost...

Official website: Impossible Project