zondag 29 augustus 2010

Nominee @ Masters Cup

4th Photography Masters Cup:

Tantetje (Auntie) - portrait of the house of Tantetje - cat. Still Life - also available as photobook Tantetje's Traces Of Silence
Beds, abandoned waterpark, Kos, Greece - cat. Still Life

3rd Photography Masters Cup:

Womountains, pregnant lady - cat. Nude
Doorbells, Black Madonna, the Hague - building by architect Carlos Weeber - cat. Abstract
Parking, Black Madonna, the Hague - building by architect Carlos Weeber - cat. Architecture

1st Photography Masters Cup:

Clock, Musee Orsay, Paris - France - cat. Architecture
Mirror, small street in Barcelona, Spain - cat. Architecture

My nominated photos @ the International Color Awards so far

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Looking for big bellies

4 September 2010 I am gonna be the photographer of the first biggest group photo of pregnant bellies ever. Simavi & the 5th Milleniumgoal ask for our attention and we want people to sign the petition against mother's & baby's deaths.
The estafette will urge people to sign the petition and will tour tru NL for 4 weeks, starting in my hometown Breda. 52% of the people in the Netherlands already lives in a Millenium Town :) We need your help to get the worldleader's attention and reduce the deaths of pregnant women and newborn babies worldwide. You can also volunteer to join the groupphoto!

Dying for treatment by photographer Marco Vernaschi breaks my heart... *Warning* this link contains shocking images

Impossible Project

Impossible Project 's first flush new monchrome instant films seem to fade away...

but I am hoping the new and improved film will hold! Will show more Polaroid photos soon, love the old sepiatone and am still looking forward to the new colour film.