woensdag 9 augustus 2017

Mindfulness Photography Book

Welcome to the creative process of Seeing Pure.

Do you think:

I feel so stressed and tired I might be close to a burn-out. I don’t have time to go outdoors and take pretty pictures. I want to be free! I miss the freedom to go out exploring the world with my camera. I can't, I don't have time - or money.

Do you wonder:

How do I take a pretty picture. How does my new camera work. How can I learn to take great photos quickly. How do I make time for my hobby. How can I learn to become a better photographer?

Do you wish:

I love to take beautiful pictures all the time. I feel so happy when I do. I get new energy, I feel so strong and free again, with a calm mind. My heart jumps when I take a great photograph. I take time for myself, I feel peaceful and complete.

‘Eyespiration Mindfulness Photography’ is the first book combining science with sprituality using photography as tool. Inner peace can be found by using your camera or smartphone with a still, pure mind.

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Photo: © DutchLines.nl
#Eyespiration shows life as it is, subjects seen as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life is photographed.