maandag 27 juni 2016

Reflection in Alaska

Reflection, Infinity, the beauty of life seen from the upper deck early morning

Infinity. Extraordinary sight onboard Royal Carribean's Jewel of the Seas. It was pure magic to see the reflection of the clouds in the sea, smooth like a mirror. If you take landscape photos with your phone, its wide angle lens will make the clouds even more impressive. As if they float into your photo composition.

When you travel on a cruise ship and you stand on deck, you can watch all four directions, East, West, North and South. Nothing blocks your view. During my Alaska cruise morning walk I saw beautiful reflections in very calm water with sunrise. I couldn't stop looking. So peaceful.

Watching the sunrise and taking photos
Sunrise, Inside Passage
There were only a few people on deck, watching the golden light of the sun. The two photos above show two opposite directions. The two ladies taking a photograph of the mountains were standing with their backs to the sun.

Blue sky and dark clouds, all visible if you turned around. I couldn't stop looking and walking on deck. All four directions were very different sea scapes, yet beautiful. Taking part in a seminar at sea, I like getting up at dawn, to see the sun rise. Before the buzz and stuff to do a moment of calm. Looking at seascapes really clears the mind, refreshes the soul and connects you to nature.

View from my room, Inside Passage
Meditating with eyes open, I recommend this to anyone who's feeling down or depressed. When you learn how to See life, with pure, fresh eyes... you'll feel so happy. I never expected I would be able to do so well onboard a luxurious cruise ship. But even here you can close yourself off, and be in the moment as long as you can See.

I will be joining the Cruise into Spirit in October 2016, feel free to join me. More photos here: ©

donderdag 23 juni 2016

Poem dedicated to Kim, the wife of my former boss, who died of cancer today...
To Kim, who died of bowel cancer at age 49 today...

Gold is the colour of this day

Skies dark, streets wet 
Let the Light guide you
And brighten your Soul 

Alive at this Longest Day

21 June 2016 Photo Poem ~ Love & Light by ©  

maandag 20 juni 2016

Great Writing Conference London GW:

Great Writing:  The International Creative Writing Conference 2016
After 2 days of attending the Great Writing Conference at Imperial College in Londen my head's full of new ideas how to connect creative writers with... creative writers! Wouldn't it be great to combine Fine Art with Writing?

On Nicole Cooley

She put down her glasses
Creating a moment of peace
In her dazzling world of words

Photo Poem by Melanie E. Rijkers © 2016.

In the Netherlands we can't study Creative Writing so it seems. Bummer. I am curious if it would be possible to get a scholarship to study abroad. What I learned from the conference is that all lecturers were very driven to share their thoughts, papers and projects. I wonder, after you get your degree, what's next?

More than once I heard someone say: "Pity I cannot land myself a teaching position in Creative Writing". In the future I would like to see Academies of Art hire inspiring people like these to teach Creative Writing to art students. Writing is changing. Art is changing. Let's collaborate!

On Hyde Park: Face

Staring down
Stuck in place
Tiny feet touching his head
Flying off into space

Photo Poem by Melanie E. Rijkers © 2016.

Photo Poem: a new Short
Nicole Cooley's talk Tiny Texts: Flash Fiction, short poems, one minute plays raised questions like "But what if someone wrote a brilliant piece of 300 words, and the assessment says 2000?" At an Academy of Arts they'd know what to do. Also the digital era is here. Graphic Design, Arts and Writing are all in it together. A photo and a text are only ordinary until an artist puts them together brilliantly.

During Nicole's inspiring talk I wrote 3 pieces of what I call Photo Poetry. Being a visionair, working with Miksang Contemplative Photography and teaching Eyespiration, this is my answer how I'd like to combine the art of photography with the art of creative writing. 

On Hyde Park: Fountain

In the air I fly
Having landed I slide
Blending with family
I watch people walk by

Photo Poem by Melanie E. Rijkers © 2016.

Thank you Nicole, your talk was the last piece of information I needed to accomplish my writing goal. I was also inspired by Daniel Juckes and many more speakers, and will tell you more about Great Writing in my next blog!

maandag 13 juni 2016

Alaska Cruise Golden Hour Workshop

Early morning sunrise
It’s the first morning onboard the Jewel of the Seas, when I go outside on deck to watch the sunrise. I’m in Alaska in June and nights are short, it's 5 AM. The wind almost blows me of my feet when I enter the top deck, but the views are so worth it. Amazing infintiy, with on one side a hazy purple light blue sky and on the other side a warm, golden glow behind some clouds. 
Magic colours
Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
I never imagined you could see this far from a boat. Sorry, ‘ship’. The cruise ship amazed me by not being bumpy by waves at all, and I actually enjoy the movement of the water while meditating with the group. I am attending a seminar at sea, and never been onboard a cruise ship before. With the amazing views I see each morning I want to sail forever. Staring over the water, with only a few other people present, I feel one with nature.
Amazing views
Golden Hour onboard
Amazing skies, infinite water and colours that touch me like I am in a light bath of beams. Golden eye in the sky, the sun finally rises above the mountains. I am surrounded by pure magic, I never felt so close to nature before. So much Eyespiration! I feel blessed to witness all this beauty on earth. I am sharing my photos with you to show you how beautiful Life is, if only you can See.
Miksang Moment
Pure Magic when the Sun comes up
You can join me in October 2016, when I will be attending the Cruise into Spirit. I will teach you how to See if you join me onboard for an Eyespiration photo walk. It not so much a workshop, it's Meditation with Eyes Open, and free of charge. You can join me with any kind of camera, or even without one and take 'mind pictures'.
Selfie in the wind
Sunrise at Sea
Purple sky - Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
Being in the moment. Onboard a cruise ship, early morning, you can really be whole, complete, one with nature. We'll use Miksang techniques, when you learn how to look at Life with Pure, Fresh Eyes. Be, See, Zen.
Golden Light Shadow Selfie
Workshop Meditation with Eyes Open
Onboard you can walk. I like walking, It makes my head clear. I can really stop thinking when I walk. If I concentrate on what's around me, if I am in the moment, I see Miksang Moments. Miksang Moments are photos with a very, very good moment captured, with great composition in lines, light and subject. Most of the photos in this blog qualify Miksang Contemplative Photography.
Golden Light - Sunrise of Love
If you'd like to know how to take those photos, I'll show you how to See. Join me onboard for an amazing Full Moon Cruise into Spirit in October. Please note you don't need a fancy camera, the above photos were all taken with a smartphone. Seeing Fresh, with Pure Eyes, is all you need.