zondag 5 januari 2014

I am now a Photographer at A Beautiful Body Project

YES, I am now a photographer of the Beautiful Body Project by Jade Beall.

#ikzieikzie (wat jij niet ziet) - Let's Celebrate Life! Contemplative Photography from the ♥

Looking at life, I SEE. I SEE you. And YOU are so worth it.

When I first saw Jade's photos, I immediately had to think of my PURE. Proud young mothers series 2006-2009 - nude portraits of teenmothers 16-22 years old, posing pregnant or with child, 100% Photoshop free.

Since my days as a student at the Academy of Arts ('96, St. Joost, Breda) I've been taking photos showing the beauty of the female body. Je suis belle, ô mortels! comme un rève de pierre - taken from Charles Baudelaire's poem La Beauté from the book Fleurs du Mal, is my guideline ever since.

I am beautiful, oh mortals! like a dream carved in stone

Jade is a beautiful and PURE mother, and she made the headlines with her photos showing PURE beauty. I am proud to be a Beautiful Body Photographer and share all beauty with the world. Melanie Rijkers at A Beautiful Body Project