dinsdag 24 maart 2009

PURE. the book

79 young women posed for PURE. Proud Young Mothers

The book is almost ready, the publisher noticed one text fault so it's only ready just before the presentation on April 1, OMG scary!!! I hope they don't find any more print mistakes etc. I am going mad!!! As I will be in London next weekend, doing a job for the Mahogony Bridal Fair, I won't be present when the works arrive at the Melkweg Gallery Monday March 30...
I do hope everything goes alright, man, I am dead if it doesnt!!

This week the press started contacting me more frequently, so I am online a lot, trying to send them the phonenumbers of the teenage mother who want to be interviewed, sending the high res files for printing, be on the phone myself to talk to a reporter...the show started, that's for sure. I like it, but also it makes my knees weak :p as I am not in control of it (anymore) at this point I need to go with the flow so it seems.

Friday there's a special day for people like me, looking for commissioned art work etc. at the Breda Film Festival Marketplace for creative ppl :) and I do want to go. Anton Corbijn is coming to do a talkshow Thursday night, but as often I am not one of the celebs who get's an invitation. On the other hand, I need to do a lot of publicity work for my own art project atm, so am not complaining ;)

Well, maybe we'll meet each other soon in the Melkweg, also we have a book presentation in Breda @ van Kemenade & Hollaers bookstore on April 4. xMx

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

wanted: 99 brides for 9-9-9 Trash The Dress

I want 99 (ex)brides to come and pose for me this date :) check TrashtheDress.nl for more pictures, I need at least another 50 ladies in their weddingdress who want to dive in water, make it dirty and more..!

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Combined Photo Artbook

By MeRy.com
Check out my latest book! Available worldwide :)

In this book a selection a selection of my combined photo artwork of 2007-2008. Old postcard photos are merged with close-ups of Dutch colorfull flowers, this way the works are different everytime, depending on the available light, you see either the historic photo of the city of Breda or the flower.

maandag 9 maart 2009

2 Day

baby Day on big size canvas print by: Hans van Nunen

Well, loads of babies are born so it seems. Am hoping for a new babygirl in the family today too, as it is my mother's (March 9, 1947 - May 26, 1991) birthday today and I'd just love it if my cousin Suzanne would have her babygirl on my mother's birthday :)
Also I'd like to share the above canvas print of baby Day and the birth anouncement card of Lenka, the babygirl of my sister: It's very fashionable in Holland to create cards like these, being like the cover of a magazine. Inside there's more photos and fun stuff like where the name Lenka comes from. It's very different from back in the days, when my sister was born and I had to pose myself ;) I'll look the card up and scan it too, it's hilarious, like this pose, taken by Huub van Happen -the only professional photographer in Bakel in 1975- and my mom and sis were still at the hospital so my parents were far ahead of their time: LOL: photographers don't want to be at the other side of the camera haha :) We like to hide behind it and shoot other people's pictures yeah, so true. Anwyay, am happy people allow me to do so and give me full trust when taking their photo. Sometimes it feels like being in a intimate relationship with that person, even if the shoot only lasts a (few)moment(s).
Well, more coming soon, am too busy with my photobook about teenage moms atm, the publisher calls me like every day and I need to look at proofs etc. Tomorrow a day at the Vitalis College to do a series on the project Check-In, where a big bus with my images on the outsides tours from school to school to let students have a look & listen to stories elderly people tell.

maandag 2 maart 2009

New Life

More new life in Breda: little Mats is born :) Hans (my fellow photographer & husband) made this beautiful birth announcement.

In Holland we often use photos of the baby or pregnant belly to create a fotogeboortekaart as we call them. In between all these busy jobs I am also trying to create my exhitibion in the Melkweg gallery which is one month from now...very exiting and breathtaking, also vert stressfull. E.g. hope I can get the big prints @ the gallery in time, as I will be in London for a job and won't be there that day.

I just love working in UK, am doing several weddings this season and documentary series like these. Last year it started with a UK job for Ă–ssur, and now I work in UK more and more, just love it! Am gonna miss the reunion of the Sint Lucas School in Boxtel, where me and my husband met. And yes, after 20 years we are still together and we are working together in our photostudio Artstudio23.com Breda

Since my back problems I rely on him more than before, also he's THE studio photographer. He's very good with models, families, babies and other fashion & glamour portraits. Me, I like to travel and do work 'on the spot' or events, wedding sometimes, but I prefer having a carte blanche and be able to make a series e.g. of architecture 'my style'. I like doing it without the 'old' photo rules in mind, I like to create a different exterior or interior photo.