zaterdag 29 december 2012

Photowalks in English

Photography workshops in Breda, 1 to 12 lessons
2013: We'll start with English spoken tours and guided walks in our beautiful city of Breda, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands! Instawalk/photowalk:

Instawalk 076 - Breda city photo tours - 2013

If you’re not Dutch, but would like to get to know our beautiful city, please send me a request for an English spoken guided tour, you’ll also learn how to take good photographs!

You can participate with your smartphone, (we’ll e.g. show you how to use the UAR app, showing old and new architecture of Breda city) but also take a tour with a DSLR and learn how to use that camera manualy.

2 Hours per walk, with the possibility to book extra lessons in photography techniques in our studio too. All in English ofcourse! 35 euro p.p. to be paid upfront, from 4 tot 15 people, walk during the day or... maybe let's have a look at Breda by night?! is located in Backer & Rueb building, Speelhuislaan 173 Breda, with free parking, close to the city centre and in walking distance of the train station. or call/text/whatsapp +31.6.50578414

donderdag 6 december 2012


BredaPhoto 2012
I am an Image Finder. I look at the world and SEE. Images are all around us, but often people don't see (them). Being a fine art photographer, I am an Image Finder. A lot of people are Image Seekers, calling themselves photographers. Take a look at my recent work please, and judge for yourself. Thank you.

If you wish to book me, I am available worldwide


Perfect image,!
Mindfulness versus mind/empty/ness

People keep asking me if mindfulness isn't something I could 'use' as I am a very busy person, with a 'boiling, creative brain' (so it seems ;) I do recognize myself in this image. My mind is constantly thinking new ideas, images, projects. It never stops. But... I feel very good like this. Busy?? No, not to me. I understand people think I am, but it's more full of life, energetic, creative!

When people tell me something, my brain automaticly starts. Thinking, creating. A solution (to a problem someone has) or even "is this something I can use in a photo/art project??". This is the only annoying part of it, as my brain at that moment distracts me, and makes it hard for me to listen. It seems I am not interested in that person's story, as I need to mention my (new) thoughts and often interrupt the speaker to tell him/her.

But this isn't being unpolite, it's just my enthusiastic me, willing to help you. Staying focussed is hard for me, I could use some exercises for that. But...those well known focus exercises aren't what I need. 'Stare at a plant long enough to experience that plant' ... I'd rather make a photo! Of that plant!

I read "mindfulness is simply being aware of your present experience. Mindfulness is perception, awareness. These words mean integrity, being open. Perception is being able to notice. That's something different than 'paying attention' or 'focus' to a subject."

I am aware. That plant exercise is ... a paying attention/focus exercise, not an awareness exercise. My brain notices something while I listen to a person's story, and reacts. The rude interruption is an awareness, and not a non-interest. On the contrary! Look at the above image, it's really me.

I feel that I need to do, create, see a 1000 more things. One thing sooner that other, I'll be 110 years old before I am finished! I really hope to become that old, and still be part of the world.

Awareness exercises ... well, those I do: I take photographs!
The one thing I could need some exercise in is with trying to become less of a chatter. Be able to pick my words better, say what I mean in 1 minuut. But that's not mindfulness training that's more a speakers academy training. Well, with the new year not being that far away... let's start with that!

Black Pete (Afro-Dutchman)

Zwarte Piet - MOTI - Black Pete, our own Dutch Afro-Spanish helper of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)
Season bound discussions. Every year, when the first snowflakes fall from wintery skies, the collaboration between the Dutch Railway companies Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) and ProRail is being doubted. Around the same time, the possibly racial phenomenon Zwarte Piet is argued about.

Zwarte Piet means Black Pete, who is the black helper of Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus. Opponents of Zwarte Piet often refer to the phenomenon ‘blackface’, which is creating a stereotype of a black person. In the United States of America, stereotypes were eagerly used in theaters and films from 1830 until the 1960’s. Caucasian men painted themselves black and then acted out a caricature of a black person. Prejudices such as dumb, lazy, deceitful, coward and thief were often interwoven in the character. Below is a film of a so called ‘blackface performance’. The use of the stereotype of a black person can be found all over the world. According to opponents of Zwarte Piet, the Dutch version of a blackface performance can be found in this children’s holiday.

Proponent of holding on to Zwarte Piet, want to honor a national tradition and claim that Sinterklaas is a holiday for children. Children are not concerned about the color of the skin of Zwarte Piet or any prejudices concerning his appearance. Proponents also claim that Zwarte Piet is no slave or caricature, but a chimney sweeper. His black color could also be caused by climbing up and down all those chimneys, in order to deliver all those gifts to the children. Zwarte Piet is no more than a silly help of Sinterklaas, who brings gifts and candy to kids. Another pragmatically argument is the fun of having a neighbor or uncle dressed up unrecognizably to children. This discussion will probably blow over after the 5th of December, the official holiday en will be renewed the following year.

Source: MOTI.

I don't agree Sinterklaas is the 'Dutch version of Santa Claus', as Santa Claus is the American version of Sinterklaas! Check out Wikipedia to read more about this Dutch cultural figure, once said to be flying in the sky over New York (as steamboats were old-fashioned) being the predecessor of Santa :)

dinsdag 4 december 2012

Paris, France

Online bookstore of Artstudio23
If you're looking for a perfect little gift for the holidays, check out my latest Blurb book?

I've walked through Paris, France for 3 days in November, using my iPhone 4S & Instagram. Sorted 28 pairs of fine art photography. The 60 page book is available from 22,95 euro and can be shipped worldwide. Or check out my personal bookstore via E-books available too!

...Happy Holidays!

Autumn in Paris, November 2012