woensdag 11 mei 2016

#Eyespiration: Reflection

Landscape pictures with a reflection will draw people's attention and keep it. Reflection in water or double images in a window: when did you look into the 'mirror' with your camera lately? 
Hollands landschap met reflectie van molens (Kinderdijk) in water
Dutch landscape by Gerhard Nel
Looking at something beautiful twice 
 By using a reflection of your subject you'll create an intriguing image. This beautiful Dutch landscape is twice as impressive because of the reflection in the water.

Apply extreme cropping and use the mirror image only. Use the image you see in a puddle. Look in a window and use the double image that makes a weird, but often fascinating picture. Also shiny surfaces like chrome hubcaps can create beautiful images.
Weerspiegeling in zee op het strand van Kuta
Hindu offering Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia
Clouds visible in the water, how beautiful to capture this in one photo. All you have to do is bend over and zoom in, crop the sky and place the horizon line in the top of the photo to create a fascinating image.

If you're on holiday try to use this kind of photography next to the snap shots and selfies, to create a story with alternating images. When you travel you'll find many new compositions because of the new environment you're in. Try to experiment with reflection and mirror images, and most important of all: have fun while doing so!

If a photo doesn't work out: just delete it. Oh, the joys of digital photography ;)

Erasmus Brug Rotterdam, weerspiegeling in water #eyespriration
Weerspiegeling in chrome wieldop
Cityscape: a sort of selfie in a chrome hubcap

To find reflection 

• Landscape: we all know the beauty of landscape photos with reflection in water. 'Sandard' or not, these kind of photos always work out. The beauty of a landscape seen twice in one composition, yo can't go wrong. Try to place the horizon at the top of the image.

• Water: a true mirror of the sky. Taking a picture of a reflection in water only also works well. Try to place this photo upside down for a change. This will create an intriguing image for sure.

• Rain: a wet day? Use the puddles and rain drops. Make sure you use a camera that's not affraid of water and can handle a drop or two. Always try to avoid direct rain when possible. If you're with someone: make this person hold an umbrella to keep you and your camera dry while you'ra taking photos.

• Glass: a window or bottle will create a whole new world when you take photos through it. Alienation is fascinating always, but try to avoid vague photos unless you like to create an abstract image.

• Chrome: shiney surfaces always work well for photographers. Not just to take a different kind of selfie, but also to capture reflections of the world.

Try to challenge the viewer. Alternate images will make your story more exiting.

By using reflection and mirroring in your story, it will be much more fun to look at. Being a photographer shooting a wonderful and exiting image will make your day. Even on a rainy day, you'll feel the joy of capturing a beautiful image using the rain. When you find that treasure and are able to capture it... utter feeling of joy and pure happiness.

Find reflection by... reflection. It's also very mindful to look for reflections. The happy feeling you get, 'Yes! I got it' when you take a good photo is priceless, no Prozac necessary, nothing can beat this emotion. It's really worthwhile to learn how to see and find your Eyespiration.

But I'll tell you more about that in my next blog!
Foto door glas zorgt voor bijzondere vervreemd beeld
Cityscape: challenge the viewer with a see-through photo
Gebruik moderne architectuur voor mooie compositie
Use modern architecture to capture reflection