donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Vivian Maier

"I acquired Vivian's negatives while at a furniture and antique auction while researching a history book I was co-authoring on Chicago's NW Side. From what I know, the auction house acquired her belongings from her storage locker that was sold off due to delinquent payments. I didn't know what 'street photography' was when I purchased them.

It took me days to look through all of her work. It inspired me to pick up photography myself. Little by little, as I progressed as a photographer, I would revisit Vivian's negatives and I would "see" more in her work. I bought her same camera and took to the same streets soon to realize how difficult it was to make images of her caliber. I discovered the eye she had for photography through my own practice. Needless to say, I am attached to her work.

After some researching, I have only little information about Vivian. Central Camera (110 yr old camera shop in Chicago) has encountered Vivian from time to time when she would purchase film while out on the Chicago streets. From what they knew of her, they say she was a very "keep your distance from me" type of person but was also outspoken. She loved foreign films and didn't care much for American films.

Some of her photos have pictures of children and often times it was near a beach. I later found out she was a nanny for a family on the North Side whose children these most likely were. One of her obituaries states that she lived in Oak Park, a close Chicago suburb, but I later found that she lived in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Out of the more than 100,000 negatives I have in the collection, about 20-30,000 negatives were still in rolls, undeveloped from the 1960's-1970's. I have been successfully developing these rolls. I must say, it's very exciting for me.
I found her name written with pencil on a photo-lab envelope. I decided to 'Google' her about a year after I purchased these only to find her obituary placed the day before my search. She passed only a couple of days before that inquiry on her.

I wanted to meet her in person well before I found her obituary but, the auction house had stated she was ill, so I didn't want to bother her. So many questions would have been answered if I had." - 
John Maloof

Wow... how can you do that, take 25,000 photos and not develope them... in this days of age we're able to immediately see what the photo looks likt, as it appears on the lcd screen of the camera... how exiting this must have been for Mr. Maloof. 25,000 Undeveloped negatives... wish I has been there to see it all with my own eyes.
Am a sucker for old photos...just love 'em!

Vivian Maier - New York

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Sarhea has lyme...

Young mother Sarhea's photos have been entered for the P/f Dutch photography portfolio award. Lyme disease kills! We must tell the world about this awful disease, spread the word (and photos too).

Seeing the smiley faces of my kids next to my bed was the highlight of the day
#wemustfindacure - Yolanda Foster. She was recently interviewed by the Dutch tv about her Lyme disease situation, which was very similar to Saar's. Saar has EDS-syndrome as well, so we don't know if she's ever able to walk again (like Yolanda)...

Under Our Skin | The Hidden Story of Lyme Disease

Under Our Skin | The Hidden Story of Lyme Disease

woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Search for photos from the heart

Which 'Kodak Moment' gave you the ULTIMATE feeling of HAPPINESS when you took it? Was it that tropical sunset or the tiny face of your newborn baby, or? I'd like to see that photo, and share it as well.  It's not about the best or most beautiful photo, it's about the ultimate feeling of happiness you've experienced when you took that photo. A true photo from the heart. ♥

When you don't like to upload via Facebook: ONE photo per person. Thank you!

Photos from my heart: to capture Saar's happiness

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Dear Lissy,

this week I was told that you are suffering from a defect of the thyroid gland, next to your allergies and asthma... dear sunshine, we love you so much and we feel very sorry for you ♥

you had to go through a big series of tests in the hospital, but were a true hero ♥

With her mother Saar it's getting worse.

Her peg sonde had to be removed due to a severe infection. She's in more pain than ever before and has lost more weight, now to a critical level.

I am so glad that I could take these precious pictures of her and her family on vacation - I'd love to come again soon! But what a shame, all money's gone... no more funds to pay for my train ticket... And I don't get paid leave, so we will have to ask you to HELP us to get to Sarhea and her family.

Next to sharing her illness, she's also sharing her happiness, and by doing so she inspires many. You can send money to IBAN: NL41ABNA0607286849 en de BIC: ABNANL2A

There is tremendous happiness in making others happy, despite our own situations.

Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared, is doubled.

If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can't buy.

'Today is a gift, that is why it is called The Present.'