vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

Shortlist GCCA Concrete in Life Competition

Concrete in Life 2019 Shortlist - top 9 out of 5000 entries - © Melanie E. Rijkers #Eyespiration Fotowedstrijd shortlist - bij laatste 9 uit 5000 inzendingen - #PuurZien in Bosnië Herzegovina voormalig Kroatië

This fabulous photo of Grand Hotel Neum's concrete gateway to the beach in Neum, Bosnia Herzegovina made the shortlist of the GCCA's Concrete in Life photo competition 2019. 

10 October the winners will be announced, fingers crossed!

When we booked our trip to Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina last summer we did not know much about the countries. Our students in photography said "you should go there, it is so beautiful" over and over again. 

Croatia and Bosnia did surprise us in many ways.

From the busy cities to the fabulous national parks, OMG all over. One of the best moments was when we arrived in Grand Hotel Neum in Bosnia. We were told there was a tunnel to the sea side, as we wanted to take a walk like we do every evening.

For some reason we took the stairs.

Summer holiday storytelling with #Eyespiration Bosnia Herzegovina
10 floors down to the beach, Grand Hotel Neum © Melanie E. Rijkers
We walked 10 floors down, and back up again as well, we missed the lifts that first time. Lights that automaticly switch on when you descent from floor to floor, silence, moist air, passing an occasional puddle of water and some white outdoor chairs.

We finally made it, wondering if it was really okay to go there, not seeing any other people at that time. After two turns and by accessing a big, steel door we entered the tunnel. Apperently the hotel once was a hospital, built on a hill side.

The way down, this deep tunnel to the beach felt like a movie adventure. Exploration and discovery, safe but yet exciting. Admiration because of the old structure of the tunnel, still safe and in one piece.

Admiring the builders, for creating such a wonderful walkway even though its original use most likely wasn't as jolly. Respect to all who design, create and inspire to make the world a better place.

Bosnia Herzegovina holiday travel, summer in Europe #Eyespiration #PuurZien

Going to the beach  - Grand Hotel Neum, Bosnia Herzegovina

Concrete in Life, 2019 © Eyespiration.com
Melanie E. Rijkers, the Netherlands

Grand Hotel Neum, roof terrace and infinity pool
Shortlist GCCA Concrete in Life 2019