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Trash The Dress Australia

February 2011, Australia; all photos of the Adelaide and Melbourne Trash The Dress event, check out my Blurb book If your interested in your own private Trash The Dress photoshoot, just let me know.

Need some advice?

Eleven photographers and industry luminaries offer advice for photographers in the upcoming year. Source: John Lund

I hire fun people. It has to be fun. If it’s not fun, I can’t do it. I do get nervous and that’s not fun. The work usually suffers for it though, so if I feel the nerves coming on I over prepare. Then, it all works out OK.
Annabelle Breakey Interview (Photographer)

The popular advice tells us to choose one thing and to do it well and to do it for the rest of your career. Come on folks. Most of you came into this business wanting to make pictures of a wide variety of subjects. Yet photographers choose to do this OR that. I believe it is time to do this AND that AND that AND… To manifest love by encompassing and manifesting your many passions.
Ian Summers Interview (Creative Consultant)

“Doom and gloom” have been words used to describe our industry for the longest times. And every creative field echoes the same sentiment. We have been and still are a huge financial industry in all areas of photography and we will continue. I believe that photography, as an art form, will never die. As technology advances in our industry, new opportunities are being created. More people enjoy photography and more institutions display photography. As for all creative fields, it is a difficult road, but we should be optimistic that we are in such a great profession. Our artists should remain enthusiastic and optimistic because they are doing what they love, which to is the essence of life
Jerry Tavin Interview (Founder, Young Photographers Alliance)

After all these years, the most precious thing we own is the potential that at any moment something incredible might happen. It’s the potential that drives the bus. Thomas Edison said everything he ever found he found while he was looking for something else. Stay alert. It’ll be fun. You’ll see.
Walter Hodges Interview (Photographer)

There are a lot of shooters cranking out quantity and sites are increasingly seeking to get out from under this inundation of content. It is not good for customers, or agencies, to be hosed down with endless images of a high-production but low-creativity nature. And while ‘more unique images’ appeals to the creative in me, if your few gems are hard to find or positioned out-of-place then they will not sell and you will starve. So you need to know your market and get better exposure than the competition.
Lewis Blackwell Interview (Director of Strategy, Image Source)

To me, there is no better way to get ideas on style, body language and trends than to sit at the mall and people watch. Authenticity is king at your local mall! You can observe the body language of people using their hand held devices, what people are wearing and how they are wearing it. Are you doing a shoot involving teens? - hang out by the food court. Are you having trouble picking wardrobe? - hang out by the banana republic. Are you doing a baby boomer fitness shoot? - go early and check out the mall walkers. Are you doing a mother / child shoot?- hang out by baby gap.
Jim Doherty Interview, (Senior Art Director, Blend Images)

The thing that makes the best stock photos in my mind is a connection between the subject and viewer, easy read, and clear concept. People aren’t just smiling in front of the camera but they are living in front of the camera and the photographer is just documenting that. It is not as easy as it sounds though. A stock photographer needs to be able to look at the scene they are shooting and ask themselves “What is the point? What is the Moment to capture in this set up?”
Siri Berting Interview (Photographer)

Keep your photos fresh, if you don’t have assignment work, work on personal projects.
Jessica Mirolla Interview (Freelance Art Buyer)

I had burned out of managing disinterested parties on photo shoots for production outlays that were taking longer than I felt was wise to break even. I found that I could not cut costs further and still forecast an adequate income; nor could I maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle as I squeezed the expenses whilst raising my crews’ stress to unnecessary levels. I chose to stop, take profit on my royalties, and change what I was doing.
Shannof Fagan Interview (Photographer)

It is very hard to speculate where tomorrows stock industry will be showing it's strongest returns so staying involved and on top of our research for all the models of stock is a daily investment of our time.
Jonathan Ross Interview (Photographer, Founder of Spaces Images)

I believe we, in the future, will see buyers getting bored by the microstock look. And this will probably make personal branding more important, if not necessary, if you want to succeed in the industry.
Yuri Arcurs Interview (Photographer)

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2012: New office @ House for Image Culture:

HAPPY 2012! New office address per 1.1.12: MeRy/Artstudio23 • Huis voor Beeldcultuur • Reigerstraat 16 • 4811 XB Breda, the Netherlands --> feel free to send me mail! :)

Wishing you love, happiness & health in 2012, (hope you) LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

My office December 2011, 1st floor, left window (w. the lights on) @ Huis voor Beelcultuur (House for Image Culture).
Left: Tapperijke (famous Breda pub)

1870-1875, the pub was a normal house still, Huis voor Beeldcultuur is de 4th building from the right, with tympanum.

1960's, 3rd building from the right

1979 -