donderdag 2 juli 2009

Black Beauty

Black Beauty in the eveningsun @ the wedding of Landa & Colin :)

30 May was already a hot day (weekend) but now we really are getting temps above 30 degrees Celcius man! We in NL say: 'the mares fall of the roof' (coz of the heat) so tomorrow's wedding will eb a hot hot hot one. Lucky for me we start early, so I have good hope the reportage will be done by the time they all are sticky & sweaty ;)
Also due to the heat I can't work my 80 hours, it's just too hot. Am not killing myself in this heat, and try to work early mornings and late afternoons only. Tomorrow I can't avoid the heat of the middle of the day, but...on Saturday no jobs for me so I can finally relax.
As a photographer you hardly have a whole weekend off, as a lot of ppl want to come when they are free: weekends. Also my husband and I work a lot in the evening, at the moment he'd lecturing a photography course in our studio, so work work work. Yes, there is a crisis, and yes, ppl look for different ways to get (cheaper) photography, but we are busy as ever.
Digital photography also demands a lot of desktop time, retouching the files and convert them from RAW into Jpegs. Almost all our clients want photos on cd-rom, which we only deliver highest quality and retouched.
Empty houses - for Social housing company Singelveste/Alleewonen Breda (NL)

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