donderdag 17 december 2009

Let it snow!

After a very good, dry & warm summer, today, on my husband Hans' birthday, there's snow again in NL :) Last year we had a good period of cold weather as well, the kids could skate once ice etc. Never thought this year we would have a white period as well! :)

I just love the texture of snow, it covers the dark, ugly world and makes i a bright new, light one. Since ever I had my own camera, I've been doing winter landscapes, with a twist.
Like the auto tracks, seen from the appartmentbuilding where I lived when I was studying photography @ the St. Joost Art Academy. I lived in Breda-Noord, de Geeren, and the scenery just outside the block was: flat. Landscapes of farmers, grass meadows with cows (in summer) and narrow roads, real countryside, right there on my doorstep.
Now I live closer to the citycentre, and yeah, I do miss the views, the wide scapes and space, as the city is crowded and poluted.
Snow white landscape, Breda, the Netherlands. Photo taken with my old Pentax camera and Tri-X Kodak film. Those were the days!

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