vrijdag 4 januari 2019

Eyespiration in Hawaii

Kaua'i Hawaii adventure with Nathalie Pagie, Dutch thriller writer. #Eyespiration journeys are inspiring journeys for any professional or freelance creator, artist or independant business owner.

Eyespiration will make you See the world with new, fresh eyes. 

Seeing Pure is a mindful way of coaching, using photography as tool. Next to a daily workshop and coaching session there is plenty of free time. Choose any destination in the world, like a weekend in Paris France or a week in Bali. Your own, private retreat!

Feel revived with new, creative energy. Book yourself an Eyespiration trip and learn how to look at the world with pure, fresh eyes. Taosim and Buddhist mindfulness philosophy without being wooly, pure perception with your camera or smartphone.

Ask for a quote with:

Life Coach and Visual Consultant Melanie E. Rijkers

Did you see Melanie is a presenter at the Bereavement Cruise 3-10 March 2019?

#Eyespiration Life Coach & Visual Consultant in travel and coaching
Bereavement Cruise 

Dutch info: www.PuurZien.nl Alle inspiratiereizen zijn 1-op-1, worden gegeven als priv├ętraject. Deze zijn zakelijk in te boeken. De coaching is mogelijk in het Nederlands en Engels. Praktijk: Speelhuislaan 173 unit 137A Breda, geopend op afspraak.

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