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Photo Cruise

Inspiratiereis met Puur Zien - fotocruise, photo walk, workshop fotografie

As I am a huge fan of cruising I would like to invite you to join me on an Eyespiraton Photo Cruise.  

Get inspired by all that's around you. Feel and absorb the energy of all things, See details you'd normally miss. No more anxiety or stress.  Even on the busiest ship or in the busiest city, Eyespiration can be found.

Eyespiration is the cure to stop you feeling lost. I am able to travel to any part of the world to teach you to See with Fresh, Pure Eyes: Eyespiration.

I can teach you to find your calm using your smartphone or camera. If you do not want to take photos, feel free to take what I call 'mind pictures'.

Being a Life Coach, Photographer and Visual Consultant I will guide you trough the process of Eyespiration. Eyespiration - being inspired by what you See - is found anywhere in the world.

By choosing a cruise you'll combine business with pleasure, a vacation with daily consultancy and coaching workshops. Write off your vacation by hiring photographer and life coach Melanie E. Rijkers.

Business cruise with coaching or PhotoTherapy: join or
Sunrise Eyespiration

See Life from a different perspective

Wouldn't it be cool if you are able to find innerpeace by'just looking' at life with Pure, Fresh Eyes? I will teach you how to focus on the present moment, and feel more connected to life than ever before. 

It's not mediation, though the outcome will be a very peaceful state of mind.

We will ground, connect with the place and the people around us. You will not feel alone again, no more anxiety, just Seeing and experiencing Pure (Self) Love. Join me on this Journey of Hope, Healing & Health.

If you feel lost and are grieving the loss of a loved one, plz join our seminar at sea: the Bereavement Cruise 19-26 April 2020. I will be presenter and will lead Eyespiration Photo Walks onboard and a beachwalk in Cococay.

I also often attend a spiritual cruise, and will happily lead you through that process of joining one. My first ever cruise was an Alaskan cruise and I still long to go back. 

Being in the moment 

Mindfulness is everywhere, but in Alaska... you cannot miss feeling the connection. I hope to be onboard the Beyond Words Cruise to Alaska June 2020.

If you'd like to join me, please shoot me an e-mail

Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching: Eyespiration workshop are 1 to 3 hours per day. We will watch the sunrise and sunset, and take a mindful  photography walk, even in a busy spot I'll teach you how to connect to the moment and experience stillness.

Stillness of the heart.

Join me at any cruise. Or retreat. Based in Amsterdam area I can also guide your trip to Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea, Greece, Italy or Bruges, Belgium. London and Paris are my backyard, here I lead heaps of Eyespiration photo walks.

Experience the Simple Life. Learn to See Pure. As a business owner you can write off the entire trip, even a cruise or retreat.

© Melanie E. Rijkers 2019


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