woensdag 21 januari 2009

Geboortekaartjes "fraude"

In Holland we always send 'birthcards' when a baby is born, announcing the name, weight and often is the first babyphoto (or one of the pregnant belly) also used in the card. Being reportage photographers my husband and I go to people's home to take photos of their newborn baby, then retouch it back at the studio and design a photocard with the best one, to be printed out as real (chemical) photos. (you can also use the digital file to have it printed on paper) Our baby-born cards: MeRy.nl/baby.htm

Now my sister is having her 2nd baby and she again asked me to do the photography of the baby when it's born. She showed me some examples of this website and all of a sudden I was surprised: now I know why we once had a client who thought of their baby's photos as not the best...he expected the baby's photo to be like the commercial photos of a 3 to 6 months old baby, the ones you always see in the magazines, eyes wide open, smiling, first tooth present and with lovely curly hair.

Lovely curly hair??? Smiling?? Newborn babies are the ugliest models there are, they are so beautiful yet horrible to take a glossy photo of. Altho a good photographer will be able to :-) But these websites & magazines show babies laying on their stomage, lifting up the head etc. Believe me: this is impossible! True: it's lovely photography, BUT NOT POSSIBLE with a newborn baby, they are too young to smile or lift up their head when laying on their stomage. These websites show such lovely cards, really commercial, fab and glossy, but reality...is SO very different!

MeRy.nl/baby.htm for more baby & pregnancy photography

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