maandag 2 februari 2009

Renaissance Winner :)

My photo Tantetjes Bouqetbooks made it to the last 60 @ not a money-prize-winner but I made it into exhibition @ the Idea Generation Gallery, 11 Chance Street, London E2 7JB from 17 - 23 March. So Tantetje is one of the 60 best (chozen out of 2500!) @ The Renaissance 2009 exhibition :-)

Order your own copy of the photobook Tantetje (auntie) HERE

Other than that am back @ work again after a weird week with severe back aches and leg (nerve) pains. It's still not completely gone, as it's a intervertebral disc at my lower back which is irritated and pressing against my nerves. The week was cold (it's freezing again in Holland bah, no ice to skate on tho) and I was very sleepy! :p ...the drugs I got to ease the pain were making me a sleepyhead and in bed by 10, normally I am like a night owl and like to work untill 1 am.
So I managed to get some work done during businesshours :p but had no more time to e.g. design more new webpages for our websites...
clients come first...even tho our websites need to be filled with 101 new photos! We did a lot of family and pregnancy shoots last few weeks. Also new weddings are being booked and I even got myself a nice photojob in London again. Unfortunately it's cutting close to the exhibition openingday @ the Melkweg Gallery in Amsterdam April 1 so I will be running around like crazy again soon am afraid...

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