vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

New Fyra Train...

The new Fyra train.

Pity this train only runs between Amsterdam-Rotterdam. As I live in Breda (one stop further from Rotterdam) I can never take this new, wonderful train. When I travel to Schiphol airport (and I did that a lot the last two years) I like to take the Fyra train, as it reduces my time to the airport with alsmost an hour! Only 53 minutes Breda-Schiphol, what a bless. 
You can't compete by car, as the roads in the 'Randstad' (4 biggest citites of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, The Hague, Anmsterdanm and Utrecht) always are crowded and jammed. Too much cars in our small country :( the traffic is horrible on our narrow roads.

Anyway, the new Fyra train. Welcomed by almost everyone, especially as it was meant to go to Antwerp (Belgium) too. Well...it doesn't. Not this year.
So people living in the South (Noord-Brabant) will have to commute an hour longer as the regular intercity trains are also gone per 1 November. Why??? What's this nonsense!? The new train is a wonderful experience, it feels like flying, comfy chairs and fast, fast, fast. Well, if it would take you to Breda that is. 
Last night I had to transfer at Rotterdam station to the regular train...so it took me no 53 minutes, but 1,5 hours single way...

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