dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Sandy - journalism 2.0

Benjamin Lowy for TIME - Sandy in New York
Wow...I must admit...I am impressed. At first I was rather annoyed by all fake photos, which went viral via social media like Twitter and Facebook, but now...now the storm is near..

TIME asked 5 photographers to report from New York City. It looks like most photos are taken with a smartphone.

Also Instagram is flooded (what's in a name) with Sandy pics, and I must say: impressive. This is what we should call 'photography 2.0' or better said: 'news 2.0'!
A car is submerged in floodwater on Avenue C,  Michael C. Brown
The area under the Brooklyn Bridge during high tide -
Benjamin Lowy
If this is what the new, digital photography means...see what it does for the news and photo journalism...I want it! Gentlemen, CEO's of magazines and newspapers...yes, plz do book me :)

Global thinking? Global working!

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