zondag 12 mei 2013

Creative Cloud by Adobe

Adobe's Creative Cloud, euro versus dollar ...
Read something about the new way to use Adobe software from now on: from the Creative Cloud. The only thing you need is internet and you can access the software anywhere in the world.

But what if you don't have a working internet connection? Then you can't work with the software?

And what about the price. In Europe/the Netherlands it's more expensive to access/use apps from the Creative Cloud then from the US. Why? The product is the same, world wide. Then why isn't the price???

In dollars the Photoshop app if you already have Photoshop CS3 or up, $ 9,99 - in euro it's € 12,29. If you don't have CS3 or up it's $ 19,99 or in euro € 24,59 per month.

But to buy $ 9,99 in euro we pay 7,69..!

meaning when paying in euro we pay 5 to 10 euro more per product, as $ 19,99 is € 15,39 (not 24,59)... it might be cheaper for us to pay in dollars?? But...I don't think yo can use the e.g. Dutch version then, think you're stuck with the English version when doing so.
Which to us Dutchies isn't so bad, as we all speak English pretty well. But dunno about the French or Germans...

Also: if you are a first time use of e.g. Photoshop and you're going to use it for let's say 4 years, and want to quit. Then you've paid 12x 24,59 = 295,08 (+ TAX) x 4 = 1180,32 but... you didn't get anything.
A retail disk with Adobe Photoshop CS6 is also about 1000 euro... but then you have a product.

...welcoem to the Dutch Creative Cloud by Adobe

A felow photographer wrote:

"Yeah, big companies want codependency - do you know why? The software development is nearly finished, and with no better version to sell... they want to sell you a subscription, otherwise they run out of business in 5 years...

It's like a hammer. If you have one, you have one, simple as that. You  aren't going to lease or pay for something that's already working..."

The big question is, how long will the software work fine? CS 5 and CS6 are more than ok, so I don't need a subscription. But... when Nikon or Canon developes a new DSLR, with new, bigger, better, improved RAW files...when do I need an Adobe update?
I've always hated that.
E.g. not being able to open Nikon D3 Raw files with Photoshop CS2. Adobe just never did an update, so you were forced to get CS3 or higher.

Hate the secret collaboration to keep the price up...annoying! 

So if anyone of you, dear readers, knows about a good alternative to Photoshop, please let me know. info@artstudio23.com or write a comment below. Am willing to test all suggestions and share the outcome!

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