dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Trash The Dress Photography - recommendation

Alexander Tromp has recommended your work on LinkedIn.

"When I read about PUUR and Trash The Dress 9-9-9 in Dutch Media I started following MeRy and her work through her website and social media. What mostly fascinates me in her work is the way in which she can transform creative ideas into photographic projects and is able to execute these, especially when they concern a lot of people to be photographed - be it a series of individual portraits or a mass photoshoot.

I have gotten to know MeRy personally taking part as a photographer in Trash The Dress 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 20-5-12 and some other photographic activities.

MeRy has been able to establish a very healthy business while never losing the artistic viewpoint out of sight. A very pleasant person to be around and communicate with. She is looking way beyond the commercial aspect of professional photography, social, artistic and even spiritual aspects are very important to her too. Photography is not just her chosen instrument as an artist, she is working hard to take photography to a higher level."

Thank you so much Alexander!

Trash The Dress 2012 - Photo: Shot by Robin

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