donderdag 7 april 2016

Mindful Moments at SMC Rotterdam

#ikzieikzie... wat jij niet ziet!
Social Media Week Rotterdam 2014 - Attending and Leading 3 'Mindfulness With Your Mobile' workshops
Everywhere I go I SEE. I try not to look at the world, but use the mindful state of ... emptiness and let the world come in without judging what I see. When you do so, you look at the world with a pure eye, 'Miksang' in Tibetan. This state of being to me is meditation with eyes open. Mindfulness with an empty mind.
During the coffee break I noticed this reflection and also the red flower:
Coffee break
Photography: Melanie E. Rijkers

Photographer: MelanieE. Rijkers Breda the Netherlands
A speaker preparing himself
Architecture Miksang Moment
 It was a dark, grey day, so what do you do? I looked out the window and saw grey skies, rain, no colour. But lack of colour also sooths the mind, makes you turn to yourself and I like grey too.

I used the raindrops on the window and when walking through the building I noticed a spectacular glass ceiling. Blessings from above!?
Fotograferen als het regent

Architecture Miksang Moment

Reflection of the Erasmus Bridge, Nhow terrace
Erasmus Brug

The restaurant turned out to be a place full of mindfulness. Reflection in the glasses is pure Miksang. Because of the bad weather I took my Mindfulness With Your Mobile group to the (empty) parking lot, also in the Nhow building. Meditation with our eyes open:
Parking Nhow - Emptiness

Parking - Nhow building
Escalator Reflection
It's really not that hard to see with a pure eye. Just try to show life as it is, SEE subjects as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life is a beautiful composition. The above photo I took of the escalator is very inspiring because of the extra layer creating a depth in the picture. Beauty is all around us:
To Be is to See
In stead of the left photo try to zoom in on the beauty of what you see. The right photo is taken from the exact same spot. The 'double' (two) ladders caught my eye when passing.


Nhow with Erasmus Bridge

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