maandag 27 juni 2016

Reflection in Alaska

Reflection, Infinity, the beauty of life seen from the upper deck early morning

Infinity. Extraordinary sight onboard Royal Carribean's Jewel of the Seas. It was pure magic to see the reflection of the clouds in the sea, smooth like a mirror. If you take landscape photos with your phone, its wide angle lens will make the clouds even more impressive. As if they float into your photo composition.

When you travel on a cruise ship and you stand on deck, you can watch all four directions, East, West, North and South. Nothing blocks your view. During my Alaska cruise morning walk I saw beautiful reflections in very calm water with sunrise. I couldn't stop looking. So peaceful.

Watching the sunrise and taking photos
Sunrise, Inside Passage
There were only a few people on deck, watching the golden light of the sun. The two photos above show two opposite directions. The two ladies taking a photograph of the mountains were standing with their backs to the sun.

Blue sky and dark clouds, all visible if you turned around. I couldn't stop looking and walking on deck. All four directions were very different sea scapes, yet beautiful. Taking part in a seminar at sea, I like getting up at dawn, to see the sun rise. Before the buzz and stuff to do a moment of calm. Looking at seascapes really clears the mind, refreshes the soul and connects you to nature.

View from my room, Inside Passage
Meditating with eyes open, I recommend this to anyone who's feeling down or depressed. When you learn how to See life, with pure, fresh eyes... you'll feel so happy. I never expected I would be able to do so well onboard a luxurious cruise ship. But even here you can close yourself off, and be in the moment as long as you can See.

I will be joining the Cruise into Spirit in October 2016, feel free to join me. More photos here: ©

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