dinsdag 26 februari 2019

Wet San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge reflection
The Beauty of Rain - Golden Gate Bridge
Bay Bridge and Seaguls
50 Shades of Grey in San Francisco

Weather alert in SF

Every year in February I attend the San Francisco Writers Conference. Never before it was this wet. An occasional shower or one wet day of the week I am in SF, that's all. Not this year. This year the weather forecast show rain, more rain and ... rain.

 Daily temp below average and even on Thursday it rained all day. Tho temps weren't as cold as the forecast predicted (14C and up) it still was cooler than previous years, where I often could warm myself in the sun during the day.

In San Francisco evening and night can be cooler always, when the fog comes in. During rainy days tho it's not that cold at night, al least it wasn't in 2019 ;) 

On the news a Microclimate Weather Alert: floods caused by the rain and it even snowed in Las Vegas.

Right. Climate change anyone?


Lucky for me wet streets are also very inspiring. I like to walk down the street early morning. It took me 30 mins to walk to the conference hotel, and Market St. truly was a beauty in the rain.

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Market St. stroll in the rain - blue hour

Market St. stroll in the rain - blue hour
Day and night, in the wet it's all beautiful
Market St. stroll in the rain

Rainy day in SF

EAT CRAB Fisherman's Wharf
Reflection ... Zen moment at Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco - EAT CRAB
Do you ever take photos when it rains? I just love reflections. 

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