dinsdag 19 november 2019

GCCA Winner

Instagram post with my shortlist photo of Grand Hotel Neum
#ConcreteinLife GCCA shortlist 2019
So wonderful to see my photo on display at the exhibition of the GCCA annual 'Concrete in Life' conference on concrete in Singapore last month. Too funny the man is looking at my photo of Grand Hotel Neum :)

Thank you GCCA!

Winning photo by Rolando Batacon
Winning photo shows one section of the pedestrian bridge located near AI Aweer Vegetable and Fruit Market in Dubai. The concrete bridge traverses the busy Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road and is used by Asian expats mostly working as portrers in the vegetable and fruit market.

Imitating life's cycle, these workers cross this bridge everyday in the morning and back in the evening after back-breaking work. It was designed for ease of access enabling bicycles to easily cross the bridge.

GCCA instagram, 2019.

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