zaterdag 23 november 2019

The Artist

You're 'The Artist'

You live to be immersed in your art.

As 'The Artist', you live for the moments when you are wholly immersed in your art. The moments when you can create, develop, and explore without restrictions or limitations.

You rebel against “standard” shots; instead, you are driven by the intensity of human emotions at their most raw. Where words fall short, your work conveys what it was like to be truly immersed in the emotions of your clients.

As 'The Artist', you operate on the fundamental mantra that better art means more success. Your biggest challenge has always been promoting your work to a broader audience. Those who know you recognize your talent, but you struggle to reach beyond this to book new clients.

It’s crucial for the ongoing success of your art that your business is able to flourish as well. This doesn’t mean becoming a hard-headed business person—find ways of promoting your work, that are in sync with your creative process. 

Check out Melanie E. Rijkers' fine art photography on:

Seeing Pure, seeing the pretty, focus op het goede met fotograaf en life coach Melanie E. Rijkers
Eyespiration is Puur Zien (Dutch) Artstudio23 Breda

Fine art photography & Life Coaching

Stichting Puur Zien 
Speelhuislaan 173, unit 137A 
Breda/the Netherlands/Europe

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