dinsdag 3 februari 2009

PUUR. in de Melkweg

PUUR. (PURE.) in de Melkweg Gallery Amsterdam 1 April - 3 May 2009

The project PURE. Proud young mothers is getting there. After 3 years of hard work I now have collected 75 portraits of naked young mothers, who posed pregnant and/or with child(ren). Being a teenmom life is hard, and their choice (they chose LIFE) isn't always respected.
In Holland teenage pregnancies are the last taboo, as all seems to be possible in NL, having a baby at a younger age (< 25) is almost a sin. But our mothers were 21, so what's so wrong with being a young mother nowadays?? By publishing the photos in a beautiful book called PUUR. Trotse Tienermoeders I hope people will change their minds and, like me, see that motherhood is a beautiful thing, no matter what age the mom is.
Check it Out @ d'JongeHond Miranda Baas text, Paperback, 16 x 24 cm, 120 pages, circa 100 photos ISBN 978-90-89101-03-7, € 19,95

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