dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Update MeRy

Beautiful Bags your own photo on a funky bag, this is Marieke van Ginneken's daughter Catootje posing proudly with her mummy's new streetbag :-)

Hi, back on track again, but still in pain sometimes. My left leg is hurting when trying to sleep on my side, the nerve is still not well, but...I am getting better bit by bit. For me working 'slow speed' is very weird, as I am always busy busy busy. But I like that, doing a lot of things at one time, as I always have the feeling there's so little time and so much to do. (to create) I can never stop making art, I always want to create new images and obstinate pictures, photographes that make people stop when passing by. I had that happen with the preview of PURE. in Enschede, people were attracted inside when passing the gallery just because of my work. And when a woman started crying when looking at the first 10 photos I was almost shocked: can my photos really do that?? But yeah, it made me proud as well. PURE. is pure, and that's the strength. In these Plastic Fantastic days of Photoshopped women all over the magazines my young mothers are pure and 100% Photoshop-Free, showing pimples, striae and other 'defects'...to me they are just PERFECT :-)

Also perfect was the latest Beautiful Bag I received a couple of days ago, mom Marieke was very proud of her daughter in postpop art style on her new photobag.

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