maandag 9 maart 2009

2 Day

baby Day on big size canvas print by: Hans van Nunen

Well, loads of babies are born so it seems. Am hoping for a new babygirl in the family today too, as it is my mother's (March 9, 1947 - May 26, 1991) birthday today and I'd just love it if my cousin Suzanne would have her babygirl on my mother's birthday :)
Also I'd like to share the above canvas print of baby Day and the birth anouncement card of Lenka, the babygirl of my sister: It's very fashionable in Holland to create cards like these, being like the cover of a magazine. Inside there's more photos and fun stuff like where the name Lenka comes from. It's very different from back in the days, when my sister was born and I had to pose myself ;) I'll look the card up and scan it too, it's hilarious, like this pose, taken by Huub van Happen -the only professional photographer in Bakel in 1975- and my mom and sis were still at the hospital so my parents were far ahead of their time: LOL: photographers don't want to be at the other side of the camera haha :) We like to hide behind it and shoot other people's pictures yeah, so true. Anwyay, am happy people allow me to do so and give me full trust when taking their photo. Sometimes it feels like being in a intimate relationship with that person, even if the shoot only lasts a (few)moment(s).
Well, more coming soon, am too busy with my photobook about teenage moms atm, the publisher calls me like every day and I need to look at proofs etc. Tomorrow a day at the Vitalis College to do a series on the project Check-In, where a big bus with my images on the outsides tours from school to school to let students have a look & listen to stories elderly people tell.

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