maandag 2 maart 2009

New Life

More new life in Breda: little Mats is born :) Hans (my fellow photographer & husband) made this beautiful birth announcement.

In Holland we often use photos of the baby or pregnant belly to create a fotogeboortekaart as we call them. In between all these busy jobs I am also trying to create my exhitibion in the Melkweg gallery which is one month from now...very exiting and breathtaking, also vert stressfull. E.g. hope I can get the big prints @ the gallery in time, as I will be in London for a job and won't be there that day.

I just love working in UK, am doing several weddings this season and documentary series like these. Last year it started with a UK job for Ă–ssur, and now I work in UK more and more, just love it! Am gonna miss the reunion of the Sint Lucas School in Boxtel, where me and my husband met. And yes, after 20 years we are still together and we are working together in our photostudio Breda

Since my back problems I rely on him more than before, also he's THE studio photographer. He's very good with models, families, babies and other fashion & glamour portraits. Me, I like to travel and do work 'on the spot' or events, wedding sometimes, but I prefer having a carte blanche and be able to make a series e.g. of architecture 'my style'. I like doing it without the 'old' photo rules in mind, I like to create a different exterior or interior photo.

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