dinsdag 24 maart 2009

PURE. the book

79 young women posed for PURE. Proud Young Mothers

The book is almost ready, the publisher noticed one text fault so it's only ready just before the presentation on April 1, OMG scary!!! I hope they don't find any more print mistakes etc. I am going mad!!! As I will be in London next weekend, doing a job for the Mahogony Bridal Fair, I won't be present when the works arrive at the Melkweg Gallery Monday March 30...
I do hope everything goes alright, man, I am dead if it doesnt!!

This week the press started contacting me more frequently, so I am online a lot, trying to send them the phonenumbers of the teenage mother who want to be interviewed, sending the high res files for printing, be on the phone myself to talk to a reporter...the show started, that's for sure. I like it, but also it makes my knees weak :p as I am not in control of it (anymore) at this point I need to go with the flow so it seems.

Friday there's a special day for people like me, looking for commissioned art work etc. at the Breda Film Festival Marketplace for creative ppl :) and I do want to go. Anton Corbijn is coming to do a talkshow Thursday night, but as often I am not one of the celebs who get's an invitation. On the other hand, I need to do a lot of publicity work for my own art project atm, so am not complaining ;)

Well, maybe we'll meet each other soon in the Melkweg, also we have a book presentation in Breda @ van Kemenade & Hollaers bookstore on April 4. xMx

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