donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Bali Beach Beauty

January 2013, I am walking on the beach near the Gaia Oasis resort in Bali. I am attending a women's retreat and the freedom of a walk is too appealing for me not to go out on my own now and then. It's my first time in Bali. Overwhelmed by its beauty, the sweet people and the purity, I am puzzled.

Why is there so much rubbish on this beach?

Where does it come from? And how these bits and pieces spoil the purity of Bali. I can't really get it. If you live in a true paradise on earth, why spoil it? But next to rubbish I found old offerings and other pure items like this shell. The shell had two holes and when I took photos of it, all of a sudden the sea took it back. All photos below were taken with a DSLR camera, the above one I took with my phone. Before I could take a picture with the 'better' camera, it washed away again.

This is a symbol of what Bali is to me. Bali washes away all you don't need. Bali purifies you. Just by being there, you are cleansed. When I am walking I earth. The ocean washes away your bad energy. On my last day of this trip I find out why I find offerings remains, as the locals pray at sunrise and leave the offerings on the beach. When I took the photos I didn't know this, so I was wondering what it was, as I kept seeing the same shapes and forms.
In the beginning I was mostly shocked by the plastic rubbish, but when I took a closer look, it made a pretty photo 
Remains of offerings
Part of the retreat was a visit to Omunity, where I met founder and inspirator Zanzan for the first time. He turned out to be a very wise and special man, and I made a promise to come back and learn more about him and his village. He e.g. told me that there now was a program to keep Bali clean, and to get the people to clean up their rubbish, not to throw it in nature and let it rot.

The most important men of the village of Sudaji were also encouraging the local people to clean up and not leave any plastic around. I love these local programs, as they work far better than the ones set up by the government only. Zanzan and his people are doing a great job as I learned later on my second visit in 2014.

The beauty of the beach is like a poem of pieces of rubbish
There were much more pretty things on the beach, both artificial as nature items, like rocks and coral. Even when you think a place doesn't look pretty, take a closer look. Really, go closer. Try to see the detail. When you can see details, you will see beauty too.

I am not saying the rubbish can stay, please clean the beach, but when you do encounter something like this, do not judge and try to really see what's there. The shell in the top photo is pure beauty. I held it and admired it and then... it was washed away. I couldn't see where it went, but just by noticing it, I felt good.

When you look at beautiful things, you'll create positive energy. 

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