zondag 4 november 2012

New York Magazine

'Dutch' Cover of New York Magazine
"So this is what it looks like, the city that never sleeps in darkness...wrote Mashable. Because of the black out, caused by superstorm Sandy, a big part of New York is pitch black still - about 700.000 people don't have power back on yet. It seems New York's devided in two, when you look at the picture.

New York magazine won't be available untill tomorrow, but this breath taking cover photo has gone viral already. Tweeps just adore the photograph, taken by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan.

He shares his story via Dutch newspaper NRC.nl."


Via Twitter:
"In the midst of the monumental clean-up and recovery after the biggest Atlantic storm in history, Hurricane Sandy, killed hundreds of people and left a path of destruction and grief from the Caribbean to Appalachia to New England, LIFE.com looks back at a far smaller disaster: a blackout in New York City in the summer of 1959."
Joe Scherschel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image
I really miss color in this set, even though I know how hard is was to create images under such circumstances, 400 iso film, maybe pushed to 1600...analog photography...charming, but in this case it does not tell the story.
1959...don't think the famous Kodak B/W 1600 film was available back then? This analog film could be pushed to 3200 easily...grain was huge, but...accepted and even beautiful, adding texture to the blacks...this 1959 LIFE set to me didn't survive the hand of time...

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