dinsdag 13 november 2012

Niagara Falls Trash The Dress

We organised a 'Running of the Brides' to support cancer support group in Niagara Falls :)

Trash The Dress 11.11.11
Scheveningen once more, 2012 (May)
Trash The Dress 10.10.10 (i.s.m. Arjan van Dijk groep)
Scheveningen 'world record' 99+ brides 09.09.09! In the book I've also collected some of the stories the brides shared, and printed their original wedding picture too. Did you know you grow from posing? Brides told me the running in to the sea sometimes felt like being re-born. In case of a divorce it felt like a new, fresh start. But to all women it was a day that gave so much energy!!
150+ Brides participated, OMG, how stunning they all were. Hoped we could do another one in Vegas (or Oz) to close this chapter of fun events, I am so sorry, we just can't afford it right now... *sob*

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