woensdag 7 november 2012


"Start 2013 very differently. Come join our gathering of women and explore how you can create a new future for yourself. Who will you become?

This New Year programme is a wonderful 9 day journey starting Friday January 4th – Saturday 12th 2013. With an optional extra 1-2 days shopping and bargain-hunting in some of Bali’s cool boutiques that we have found.

What if … there was an event so timely that you just knew you had to be there?
What if … there was a place so warm, nourishing, beautiful, spiritual and exotic that you just knew all your senses would come alive there?
What if … there was a group of like-minded souls with whom you could share who you really are, your deepest fears and dreams, and know that every level of your being would be sustained by their listening, their company and their co-creative conversation?

We are convening a special co-creative journey of insights, wisdom and spiritual nourishment for women who want to step into the next phase of their lives but are not sure what that is exactly. It’s time to move from transition to transformation.

You have probably been searching for some time now and been encouraged by the resources that have come your way but you might be feeling a little frustrated that you STILL don’t know what the universe has in store for you at this point in your life.

Welcome to the club!
There are thousands of us….. maybe millions. It’s all part of the rise of the feminine across the world. We are being prepared for roles that don’t yet have names but which will fully utilise our broad range of skills that we have acquired over the years in our professional, community, social and family life. Perhaps we have been top of your game in one area with accomplishments in business or family life, now you are looking to start out in a new direction.

So, if you are looking for answers then you will probably get that they usually come when:
1 you are not looking for them directly … they just kind of pop in!
2 you are having fun doing something else
3 you are in the enquiry with others

We offer you the opportunity for at least two of the above!" Women Gather website 

Graduation photo from our event in May 2011
Via e-mail, sounds very interesting Gina! Wouldn't you just love to be part of a journey like this...?!

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