woensdag 6 februari 2013

Spirit of the Moment

One of the many things we've worked on in Bali was to find out what your personal brand is. Who am I? What is my brand? Mynoo & Gina guided us through a whole lot of exercises (like a rampage of appreciation) and this is what I discovered:
I am (the) 'Spirit of the Moment'.

Impression of Bali 

Being Dutch I've done some research on the word spirit. Spirit is also:
* thoroughness
* strength
* soul
* psyche
* drive

Wow, these words mean energy & power. Oh yeah, I've got these. I feel happy, and very strong. Mentally and physicly. And soul to me is the mostly the connection to earth and nature. I always valued pure relegions such as the Indian and Aboriginese over all others. It's the RESPECT to nature that I prefer.

Energy, power, nature, earth + the inner self.
Yes, I have a busy mind, but that feels so good. I enjoy all my thinking and creativity.
And drive... I hate driving a car in the Netherlands (too narrow roads with too many cars) but I do like to drive people, to push limits. Drive as in travel: yes please! I am a traveler. Always have been. I am on my way to... (the end, hopefully that is 70 years from now ;)
And untill that, I'd like to see the rest of the world!

I love life.
I love to share that feeling.
I love the fact that this empowers, not just me, but also the people who are involved in my work, like models, commissioners, both, and also the crowd, the spectators. 

Mel @ work -Trash The Dress 2012- ShotbyRobin.nl

Spirit +s
*spirits - booze/life spirit/mental state
* being in high or low spirits, out of spirits 
* the poor in spirit 
* spirit (away, off) - secretly make it dissapear

O, how I wish I could make pain go away! (Secretly dissapear...)
Then in Dutch the word Life Spirit is Levensgeest, which I also like a lot. But for now I'd like to see myself as a ZIENER! (prophet) The word ZIEN means to see in Dutch, making it SEE-er, which doesn't exist ;) But yes, I SEE.

And I'd like to SEE for you.
x Melanie - Spirit of the Moment - info@artstudio23.com

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