zondag 3 maart 2013

Saar 4

my dear Sarhea.

She's in bed for 2,5 months now... In her last update on Facebook she talked about all the things she could do, 2,5 months ago. "I could still walk (a few steps, but I could), I could sit up, play my keyboard and sing (one chorusline, but I could) and now... I hardly can do ANYTHING anymore"

She feels abandoned, is in pain and she misses her kids. They've transfered her to the German clinic now, but not before opererating on her in a German hospital to get her a PEG tube, connected to her stomage.

PEG tube - right after surgery
Waking up afterwards


Whatsapping Saar, as this is the only thing she can do still
She misses her kids...
She doesn't want to be alone in this pain
One night in her new house (18 February 2013)
Being in the clinic in Germany is getting to her, as she feels so alone. Even when someone is with her, she has to cope with her pains and worrying herself. She doesn't see the kids very often (Rheinbach is a long way from home) and her husband has to work, as he already missed a lot of appointments. (he's a young dentist)

The (non-medical) people looking after her already feel locked up after one day, imagine how you feel being in bed for 2,5 months?!? Saar wasn't very mobile before due to her EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), but at least she could get out of the house, use her mobility scooter to drop her daughter of at school etc.
She hardly sees the sun at the moment, or can breath fresh air. She just... lies in her bed. And feels the pain's this Lyme disease is causing her. Neuro Borreliose, causing an inflammated brainstem, paralising her, and making her weaker than ever before...

When food reaches her stomage it hurts...

Oh, how I wish I could make the pain go away, Lyme go away and make her feel better. Actually...I can. She would like me to come over to her in Germany, to do another day of shooting, to document her life being this ill.

YOU can help!

If you'd like to support Saar and her family, so I can work with her... please donate via Paypal 

God bless you 


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