vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Saar 5

exhausted after anti-biotics horror-hour
Due to recent donations, yesterday I was able to visit Saar in German clinic, where she's treated for Neuro Borrelioses Lyme. Her brainstem is inflammated and it will take a long time before she will be cured, IF she can be cured.

So far things are going so-so, as the Doctor said, It can go both ways... :( and this makes me sad. She can either come out this half-ok (she'll never be able to walk more than a few steps due to her EDS) but most likely she'll end up in a wheelchair with more complications than ever before.

So why am I putting so much energy in this beautiful young mother?? People ask me; Why do you ask for money, so you can document her physical and emotional pains? Well, because I LOVE HER and she wants me to. She is so pure and fine, and all her family and friends too.

They are 3 hours away from her, so I was very happy Saar's mom gave me a ride and we could visit her with her baby Elijah.

Elijah's turning 1 next weekend, and Saar won't be home...

But it's very impressive to see all the people who care for her, physicly and mentally, the doctors, family and friends, dear Nutella, Saar's powerwoman, dragging her through all misery when she e.g. gets her iv with the anti-biotics and Saar's daily hour of pure horror starts. Witnessing this was overwhelming, made my heart ache and OMG Nutella is great, way to go supergirl!!!! ♥ RESPECT.

So much happened yesterday. I really need to let it settle and when I am done with post production I'll write down my story. Dear Saar, I love you!!  xOxOx

Before the anti-biotics all was 'fine'
Thank you all so much for your support and making it possible for me to go to Saar!!!! 

Hopefully she can go home soon and have her treatment there instead of 3 hours aways from her kids and husband. Ofcourse I'll follow this process too, so please don't stop donating, as Saar won't be cured in the nearby future. Maybe she'll never walk again...

If you'd like to support Saar and her family, so I can work with her... please donate via Paypal

*** God bless you ***

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