vrijdag 4 december 2015

7 Photo tips how to increase website traffic

Add an image to bring your post to life.
LinkedIn is spot on. Using images will really help to create more brand awareness. October 2015 I was asked to be City Facebooker for two weeks for the local page of Dutch tourism board (VVV Breda). Being a photo specialist and a writer I kept posting photos about my walks, bike rides and much more. Showing the things I saw, that caught my eye. I combined cultural moments with 'just' outdoor autumn shots of my beautiful city. 

Choose the right image
By choosing the right image I increased the actions of the 4500 community of the Gek op Breda (Crazy about Breda) page with an average of 85%, with 101% being the highest peak during my two week job. Over 21.000 actions, just by adding epic photos.
Foto: Melanie E. Rijkers © Artstudio23
A good image is always intriguing, and makes people think, feel

How to get that traffic 

1) Make sure you post a good epic photo! Low quality photos never contribute to your brand's name. Invest in buying the best images available.

2) An epic image will make people think, feel, love or hate it. It will draw attention.

3) Therefor: go easy with stock photos. Think twice before buying a (cheap) stock photo. The average price of a good quality stock photo is € 35,- Please keep in mind that when you hire a professional image maker (not necessarily a photographer, also other people with visionary occupations like graphic designers and journalists might be able to do the job) you often can buy photos for the same price.

4) No overkill. Go easy on photos. Twitter: max. 2, Facebook: max 9 (preferably 2, 3 or 4, depending on landscape, portrait or square size) per post. Less is still more.

5) If you really want to share more images, create an album or share an album link to your website. Make sure the album cover photo is an appealing one. This image will pop up when you share the link.

6) Use b&w (black & white) photos now and then. To stand out of the crowd a monochrome picture can really do the trick. This can also be an old historic photo of your brand or company.

7) Respect copyright. If you do not know if you can use that photo, make sure you find out. Always add the correct credits. When unsure, do not use the image.

Foto: Melanie E. Rijkers © Artstudio23
Open studio Marianne Naerebout's atelier Breda, the Netherlands
Foto: Melanie E. Rijkers © Artstudio23

Gek op Breda post causing most actions, these two photos of Speelhuislaan Breda in autumn colours:
Foto: Melanie E. Rijkers © Artstudio23

Willem III standbeeld - ansichtkaart
If you have an old photo of your company's location, building, or area: do share. 
People just love historic photos!

Artstudio23 - Speelhuislaan 173 Breda, the Netherlands

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