dinsdag 14 april 2015

Impressed by impressionism

Sunrise - Impressionism Painting
Claude Monet - Sunrise - Soleil Levant 1872
My love for photography wasn't always so. My 'creative career' started as highschool student at the Peelland College in Deurne (the Netherlands) with drawing (2D), music and 3D as subjects. In 3rd grade I chose to go to HAVO and was allowed to keep one of the above creative subjects as one of my 6 dissertation subjects.

Drawing/2D, as I found out I was a good designer and painter, mostly aquarel. The art history lessons were my favorite. [I wasn't allowed to choose a seventh subject, which would've been history]

Being only 16 when I passed my exams in June 1988, I figured to go study at an Art Academy and become a graphic designer of some sort. But both the academies I applied to thought I was too young and therefor I had to think of a 'temporary' solution; Graphic Design School Sint Lucas, which would take me 4 years with graduating at MBO level.

In the end these four years turned out to be an advantage, as it gave me four extra years of art education. I was introduced to photography here and after graduation MBO Graphic Design, I started my art education at the highest level, HBO, at the St. Joost Academy in Breda, main subject: photography.

Art history times three and never bored, even though there was some repetition of periods of time by different teachers of the three schools. During college I was introduced to Monet by my Dutch language teacher Vierhout, I think that was the moment I fell in love with Impressionism.

Looking back my love of the Impressionism is quite logical, being a photographer capturing the moment. I chose photography over graphic design and painting/drawing. But my love for Vincent (van Gogh) and Claude (Monet) never faded. In 2015 it's 125 years ago that Vincent died.

Wheatfield with Crows
Wheatfield with Crows - Vincent van Gogh 1890
Analog photograph - looking for 'The Light of van Gogh'
See like Vincent - Palms, Australia - analog photograph, 1998

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