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Specialties of Melanie E. Rijkers

Social Media Expert on a Budget | New Media Marketing Concepts | Visionair | Storyteller | Writer | Photo & Art Studio in Breda, the Netherlands since 1996. Independant fine art photographer since 1992.

#ikzieikzie follow my hashtag for epic photography (zien = to see in Dutch, ik zie = I see)
Organising workshops as ZIENer, als coach | Fotography = Therapy | Storytelling | Guiding in creative marketing processing | Personal Branding | Social Media Concepts | Art of visualisation

Visionair: world wide recoginition by Trash The Dress events - over 150 brides ran into the Northsea 9 September 2009 in Scheveningen! In 2010 Trash The Dress events in Adelaide, Australiƫ + 2011 Niagara Falls, Canada.
Photo shoot initiator at the annual readhead days in Breda, the Netherlands (2007-2008)
Art route organisor/curator: Halte Vlaszak 2008 (CLiB) and Bredaphoto Open Studio Route 2008 and 2010.

A few projects:
Sold out photo book PUUR. Trotse tienermoeders, with unretouched photography (I am now a local photographer for Jade Beal)+ exhibition in Melkweg in Amsterdam in 2009
International Scott Kelby’s Photo Walk Leader Breda in 2013 en 2014
Other involvements:
Belcrum400, Belcrum Beach and Backer & Rueb building in Breda, the Netherlands.

Member of DuPho Dutch Photographers (Fotografen Federatie Amsterdam)

‘Doing good’: Stichting e.g. helping Zo Niet Saar a young mother with Neuro Borreliose Lyme Disease and EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) | | Twitter @mery71 | Facebook: Artstudio23 | Twitter @artstudio23 | Google+ +MelanieRijkers | portfolio with most recent work | Blurb online (e)book store | Art for sale via | Instagram @mery71 | Pinterest: Artstudio23

History & Flowers #breda - Blurb Book Store

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