woensdag 15 april 2015

Help Zo Niet Saar - Lymie

PUUR Zien - Proud mama
Young mother Saar (25 yo) is fighting the horrible Neuro Borreliose Lyme disease phase 3, as well EDS - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She will never walk again, lives on fluid food as she can't swallow and without help she can't take care of her two young kids. But she needs her children, they give her power. They give her the strength to go on and never give up.

Saar's daughter was only just recently diagnosed with EDS too, which makes Saar very sad. Like any other mother, you don't want to see your baby in pain ... and Saar wants to comfort her as much as she can.

Unfortunately Saar cannot go upstairs to her daughters bedroom because there's no elevator in the house. Her children are sleeping upstairs and Saar has to sleep downstairs...

She hasn't been able to take a soothing bath (in the tub) for 6 months now... as carrying Saar up the stairs is just too risky. Many more adjustments are needed in the house but aren't provided for. Will you please help Saar so she can be the mother she deserves to be?

Saar is a true inspirator, she is also sharing her story on Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness of the danger of Lyme disease through tick bites. There are many volunteers helping her, and with your donations we could make life much easier for this very special family.

Love & Light, Saar & Mel

We e.g. need € 15.000,- to get Saar an elevator so she can bring her kids to bed, please donate to Stichting PUUR Zien, IBAN NL21INGB0006544911 ING Bank N.V. Foreign Operations PO Box 1800 1000 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands
or use Paypal: info@mery.nl, thank you!
Our BIC: INGBNL2A (Swift code)

Elijah, her baby boy
Her children visiting her in the hospital
Happy together in bed

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